A friendly, caring firm of City accountants

You may think of City accountants as being all pin-stripe suits with rolled umbrellas, bowler hats and a copy of the FT under the arm… aloof and unemotional, but HFM is about as far removed from that image as you can imagine. We’re a friendly, caring firm of accountants that provides high quality accounting, tax and business solutions to individuals and small businesses based in the City and across London. (Of course, we scrub-up fairly well when necessary, but most of the time you’ll find us relaxed and ready to help).

HFM Clients

Our clients range from sole traders and small limited companies up to multi-partner professional service firms and partnerships involved in a huge variety of industries and services.

The majority of our work is dealing with tax affairs and bookkeeping for our clients including production of annual accounts, tax returns etc. Increasingly, we are involved in helping our clients to grow their businesses and make them more profitable through the creation and implementation of better systems, better reporting and strategic advice.

Simple and straightforward support and advice

The service we provide is simple and straightforward: to help and support you in your business without the frills you get at many firms – and all at a reasonable price.

  • We’re here to help you with all your tax affairs. You may think it’s messy or difficult, but we’ll soon sort it out – and keep it sorted!
  • We’re here to offer a helping hand when things go wrong – or you’re uncertain about the right decision to make.
  • We never use jargon or hide behind technology. We use simple, straightforward language to communicate with you.
  • We’ll help you too with business growth and show you how to keep more of your hard-earned wealth through professional, timely advice and legitimate tax planning.

Oh, and just in case you haven’t thought that far ahead, we’re here to help you with retirement planning – to make sure your business exit is handled in the most beneficial way and that your family is adequately protected.

Caring Accountants in London

If that’s the sort of caring accountant you’d like to deal with, why not call us now? Let’s have a chat about the services you need and we’ll give you a price. Easy! No fuss, no hassle. Just simple and straightforward. Call now on 020 7917 9506 or contact us by email.