HMRC Enquiries

Tax enquiries are on the increase and HMRC are becoming ever more aggressive in dealing with taxpayers. And for most people it is usually the first time they have dealt with an HMRC investigation. We deal with many enquiries every year and can help you achieve the best outcome possible in your circumstances. We can provide:

Technical expertise

We can review the legislation and guidance and the argue the technical case with HMRC


We deal with HMRC regularly and know how to negotiate effectively to reach an acceptable conclusion


We are working for you but can stand back and see the bigger picture in a way that it’s hard to do when it’s your money at stake

Residence & Domicile

You may have just arrived to work in London or be about to leave the UK to work. In either situation it’s important to be sure you understand where you stand with regard to UK taxation. Many of our clients are either non-resident in the UK or resident and non-domiciled so we deal with these situations every day and not just occasionally like some accountants. We are always glad to sit down with you and discuss your tax position and your options for minimising your UK tax liability. We can prepare and file your tax return using all our experience and make sure you report accurately and promptly.